Best Location for Sunday-Afternoon Reveling: Parliament House

Reprinted from Orlando Weekly, July 2000

You did it. You came to the rescue. Asked once again to tell us your favorite places, passions and pastimes, you inundated our office and website with ballots that numbered well into the thousands to help create this, Orlando Weekly’s fifth annual Best of Orlando. While our eyes are still glazed over from the tabulating, our hearts are all warm and fuzzy with the knowledge that you care, you really care, about those things worthy and wacky, weird and wonderful that make Central Florida unique. To that list, we’ve added our own picks. But they don’t compare to you. You’re still the best.

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Over the past few months, the legendary gay resort Parliament House Motor Inn (410 N. Orange Blossom Trail; 407-425-7571) has swelled and throbbed itself into the most monumental place for inexpensive inebriation whilst sporting a thong and a cocktail on the day of the Lord. The newly refurbished courtyard area (sort of like a gay Disney ALL YEAR LONG) comes to life in the mid-afternoon to the thumping bump of hit dance tracks and the cackle of assembled folk who have perhaps too much to say. But don’t be afraid. Even if you are surrounded by hotel rooms and the people who know what to do in them, the atmosphere (“a carnival-like atmosphere,” someone once said, gesturing whimsically) is one of celebration, and everyone (and we do mean everyone) is welcome.

The drink of choice for losing face while still maintaining a smile would be our own creation, dubbed “the whisper.” It’s a champagne-heavy mimosa laced, secretively, with a shot of vodka. Mmmm, doesn’t it make your legs water?

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