Cubby Hole Summer Weekend

By Jim “Libby” Libonati

Every four months or so the Cubby Hole plans a trip to go to a gay resort somewhere north of here, just so we can all “get out of Dodge”  I’m sure some of you can relate to this.  This particular trip was to the Parliament House, which happened to be the P House’s 25 Year Anniversary Weekend.  We left Fort Lauderdale from The Cubby Hole on Friday afternoon, after I had stopped at Krispy Krème to buy Howie some doughnuts, and have a farewell cocktail of course.

The trip there was great in the van, even though there were a few stops for relieving ourselves, not like the last trip to Sawmill, where I was the only one who had to go.  This I had to have a photo of, since I had just as much beer on the way to P House as everyone else.

When we got there I was quite surprised at all the positive changes they had done to the classic Orlando’s Gay Oasis.  The Courtyard where there use to be just parking is nice for just sitting and having a cocktail poolside, or just listening to the music or whatever one felt like doing at the Parliament House, (hello).  Anyway, while we were there we met lots and lots of great people, one does stay in my mind, Michael who was our waiter at the All New Parliament House’s Restaurant call The Courtyard Café’ (not to be confused with our Chardees Courtyard Café’).

Michael the entertaining waiter showed myself and our entire group a great time.  Even though Michael did give Mike (my Mike) the wrong orange juice.  You see it seems that Jennifer Holiday is going to be there Sunday night, and she had some special OJ and Michael grabbed and served it to Mike, ooooppps.  We all were particularly impressed with the restaurant, from the prices to the service and the hours.  It’s conveniently open 24 hours on the weekend and from 7 to 11pm weeknights.

The new owners of the Parliament House are doing a great job in upgrading the 25 year old girl, with all new landscaping and many other great changes to come.  There is a rumor of a Fort Lauderdale resort much like the Parliament House opening real soon, I couldn’t get to much information.  Well at least none I would like to share here anyway, time will certainly tell.  Here I sit on the floor of Jack’s van writing this column on the way back to Fort Lauderdale.  I am particularly looking forward to getting home form this trip.  We had a great time but this OLE girl needs some rest.  I totally recommend that the next time The Cubby Hole has a group trip like the last four, make sure you give it a try.  Call Jack at the Cubby Hole and find out about the next trip we take north.  Mike and I certainly will be on many Cubby Hole trips to come.

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